The practice of solitude

  • Choose a place that feels comfortable and safe to you, a place that allows you to be open and available to God. This could be your favorite chair or your own backyard.
  • Settle into a comfortable position in your body and sit quietly for a few moments
  • Breathe deeply, becoming aware of God’s presence with your and your desire to be present with God
  • Sit quietly and begin to notice what is true about you these days; don’t rush or try to make things happen, just let your soul venture out and say something to you that you have had a hard time acknowledging lately:

     Is there a particular joy you are celebrating?

     A loss you are grieving?

     Are there tears that have been waiting to be shed?

     A question that is stirring?

     An emotion that needs expression?

  • Sit with what comes to your awareness and become conscious of God’s presence with you in that awareness, don’t try to do anything with what you are knowing except be with it.
  • Feel the difference between trying to fix it and just be with it.
  • Feel the difference between doing something with it and resting with it.
  • Feel the difference between trying to fight it and letting God fight for you.
  • What does it mean for you to be still and let God fight for you in this particular area?

Practice this way of entering into solitude regularly until it becomes routine for you to begin your times in solitude by being quiet and letting your soul come out and then rest in God’s presence.

You will likely be surprised by what your soul wants to say to God.

(Ideas and invitations to Solitude are from Ruth Haley Barton’s book, Sacred Rhythms)

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