Council Happenings

April 2024 report

The Council met on Sunday, April 21. The following are highlights from the April Council meeting.   

  • Youth and Family Program Leadership
    Council discussed the future leadership of Youth and Family Ministry and reviewed a proposal for a replacement position recommended by the Children, Youth, and Family Ministry Committee. Council approved the position as recommended, allowing the search process for Kari Reiseck’s replacement to move forward.   

  • “What is Possible?” Action Plan
    Council would like to thank everyone who participated in the four “What is Possible?” conversations that took place in April. Each event was well attended and involved robust, meaningful dialogue facilitated by Council members Jeanne Flynn, Mary Mandel and Lynnette Brent. The two-part discussions focused on Worship and Groups, Activities and Youth. Notes from the conversations have been assembled and are being reviewed for further action. Look for regular updates in future Friday emails.

  • “What is Possible?” Vision Statements
    One goal of the “What is Possible” congregational dialogue is to using listening and conversation opportunities to review and refresh St. Mark’s Vision Statements created in 2016-17, and to explore the possibility of a multi-year financial investment campaign in St. Mark’s future. Look for additional information in future Friday email communication and consider how you can be part of the ongoing conversation. 

  • Building and Property
    St. Mark’s serves as a community resource for a variety of purposes beyond its own programs. To better serve these needs, the current Building Use Policy will be reviewed in the coming weeks and the results will be reported back to Council for further action.

    Options for better lighting of the parking lot are being explored at this time. Updates will be shared through future Friday email communications.

    We need you! One dominant theme coming out of the “What is Possible?” conversations is the need for a more robust volunteer network to support worship, youth and family programs, outreach ministries and other important work being done by St. Mark’s. From Turning to One Another, the poem we have been using to guide our “What is Possible?” conversations, we “Acknowledge that everyone is an expert about something.” Consider how you can use your hands, heart, and experience to make a difference at St. Mark’s. 

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