St. Mark's believes in you!

If you are looking for a church that celebrates diversity . . . 

If you are looking for affirmation that ALL God’s children are created in God’s image . . .

If you are looking for people who will stand with those who have known exclusion or discrimination . . .

. . . we welcome you! There is a safe place for you here.

St. Mark's welcomes you!

We welcome ALL. No exceptions. We hope you can hear this as you read the words of our public statement:

We believe that we are called to compassion and justice.

We seek to faithfully practice the pursuit of peace, social justice, and environmental stewardship in our world.

We proclaim God’s wide welcome to all, especially those who have known the pain of exclusion or discrimination in church and in society, and are committed to supporting racial equity.

We seek to foster a climate of purposeful inclusion that celebrates and supports the lives, relationships, and the individual and group contributions of all children of God, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, color, national origin or religious background.

We welcome you with Christ’s love.

St. Mark's proudly participates

in Aurora's Pride Parade events

  • Aurora Pride Parade 2019

  • Aurora pride Drive 2020

  • Aurora Pride Parade 2018