• FISHERS of People

    This fall, St. Mark's is offering a safe, outdoor way for parents and children to connect. Called "Fishers of People," this group reflects the story of Jesus calling the first disciples to stop fishing for fish and start fishing for people. Parents, kids (and grandparents) are welcome! You can bring your poles and tackle boxes, but extra equipment will be available. (NOTE: You will need a fishing license in advance.) Contact Pr. Patrick for scheduled dates and more information.

  • Graceroad

    Being a parent of a teen is a tough task. GraceRoad is a small group where parents of middle school and high school students can come together and know they are not alone on this road to parenting with grace. This is a group of parents who want to stand in solidarity together, to learn from each other, and to offer support. Normally, this group would meet in various homes once a month to discuss a particular topic pertinent to parenting teenagers. During this COVID time, the group is temporarily on hold, but plans are forming to meet in new ways. Contact Kari Reiseck or Pr. Patrick for more information.