• Fun faith songs for kids

    Kristin Young, Director of Worship & the Arts at St. Mark’s, offers short 5-8 minute videos that teach kids songs about faith. The songs in this “Fun Faith Songs for Kids” series are easy to sing and often have an extra musical activity—such as clapping, playing percussion, or doing hand motions—that kids can do in addition to singing. Each lesson also includes a mini-music lesson that helps kids learn some of the basics of music education, such as half notes/whole notes, major/minor scales, tempos, music notation, and much more! We keep hearing how much fun kids are having and how much they are learning, so we hope you’ll give it a try.

    We’ve also created a playlist on YouTube to make it easier to play all the songs in this series on a TV. Visit the Fun Faith Songs for Kids playlist and let your kids choose which song they want to sing!

"The B-I-B-L-E"

November 11, 2020

This week, Miss Kristin teaches kids the fun “B-i-b-l-e" song. Rhythm sounds or body rhythm is encouraged! Here are the words:

The B-i-b-l-e, yes that’s the book for me.

It stands alone as the word of God

The B-i-b-l-e

The B-i-b-l-e, Yes, it’s the book for me.

I love to hear the stories from

The B-i-b-l-e.

The B-i-b-l-e, Its stories help me see,

The love of Jesus, God’s own Son,

The B-i-b-l-e.

"I've Got Peace Like a River"

November 4, 2020

Music lesson: lyrics

This week, Miss Kristin sings "I've Got Peace Like a River," a song about having peace, love, and joy deep inside of us because of God. She also talks about how important the words to a song, called "lyrics," are to the meaning of the song.

"I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy"

October 28, 2020

Music lesson: composers and the shape of musical melodies

This week's Fun Faith Song is called "I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy," a song about how we feel God's love in our hearts. Miss Kristin teaches about composers and the shape of musical melodies. Jill Fox joins Miss Kristin and helps her sing and show movements to the music.

"Trees of the Field"

October 21, 2020

Music lesson: accelerando

Our Fun Faith Song this week is “The Trees of the Field." Miss Kristin teaches the musical term "accelerando," which means to go faster. She also teaches fun motions for the words Tree, Hills, Joy, and Peace. Her special guest this week is St. Mark's videographer, Fred Krueger.


October 14, 2020

Music lesson: quarter notes and eighth notes

This week's Fun Faith song is J-E-S-U-S to the tune of Bingo. The words are: I know a Savior that I love and Jesus is his name-O. Special guests Pastor Charisse and Pastor Patrick help Miss Kristin sing, dance, and clap.


October 7, 2020

Music lessons: C major scale and proper breathing technique

This week's Fun Faith Song is "Kumbaya." This song comes from the Gullah culture of enslaved West Africans many years ago and is a call for God to be with them. The word "Kumbaya" means "Come By Here" and is asking for God's presence. 

"Father Abraham"

September 23, 2020

This week's song is called "Father Abraham." Abraham is a character in the Old Testament. God made a promise to Abraham that he would have many kids and grandkids, and there would be lots of families to follow them. Abraham was growing old before his wife finally had a child. God didn't forget! God kept his promise, and now we are all spiritual children of Abraham.

This song has some fun movements, and special guests Pastor Charisse and Pastor Patrick join in to lead the movements.

"Gloria Deo"

September 16, 2020

Music lesson: singing in a round and the difference between melody and harmony

This week's song "Gloria Deo" comes from two Latin words that mean "Glory to God." Miss Kristin is joined by Miss Sue, director of the bell choirs at St. Mark's.

"Praise the Lord, All Creation"

September 9, 2020

This week Miss Kristin teaches a praise song about creation with some fun opportunities for clapping!

"The Creation"

September 2, 2020

Today's song is a familiar tune that we usually sing with the words "This is the way we wash our clothes . . ." But for today's lesson, we're singing words that celebrate how God made the world. (We'll also be using this special song for St. Mark's Rally Day on Sunday, September 13th!) Sing along as Miss Kristin plays the bass xylophone while guest Miss Laura plays a soprano xylophone.

"He Has Made Me Glad"

August 26, 2020

Music lesson: simple rhythm patterns using quarter notes and eighth notes

This week, Kristin teaches the song "He Has Made Me Glad." A special guest from St. Mark's choir, Jill Fox, joins in with a percussion accompaniment on rhythm sticks and maracas. It's lot's of fun! (The lyrics correlate with Psalm 100 and Psalm 118, if you want to read the words to your kids.)

"Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying"

August 19, 2020

Music lesson: music staff, treble and bass clefs, and some music notation basics

Today Kristin teaches a prayer song called "Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying," with guitar accompaniment. Kids will also learn about the music staff, treble and bass clefs, and some music notation basics.

"Jesus, Jesus, Let Us Tell You"

August 12, 2020

Music lesson: major and minor tonalities, patterns of whole and half steps

Kids will have a chance to play a musical accompaniment, while Kristin teaches them a song about how much we love Jesus, and how Jesus helps us love others.

"Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord"

August 5, 2020

Music lesson: learning about pitch

The song for today, "Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord," involves making some NOISE. Kids will have a chance to play something that makes a percussive sound. They can use any rhythm instrument or something from around the house (such as 2 spoons, or a box and a spoon.)

The music lesson for this song teaches about "pitch" -- sounds that go up and down, and Kristin demonstrates using a bell ladder and a "ladder" poster.

"Jesus Loves Me"

July 22, 2020

Music lesson: learning about the frets and strings on the guitar

"Rejoice in the Lord Always"

July 15, 2020

Music lesson: finding notes on the keyboard

This week's song is about the word "rejoice," which means something like being so happy you can hardly contain it! Kristin teaches some more keyboard awareness, helping kids find the notes of C, D, E, and F so they can plan a simple accompaniment. (Alternate percussion accompaniment is suggested for those who don’t have access to a keyboard.) Have fun and "rejoice"!

"The Trees of the Field"

July 8, 2020

Music lesson: whole steps, half steps, major & minor modes

The Fun Faith Song this week is “The Trees of the Field.” Kids will have fun clapping twice at the appointed time during the chorus, experiencing a faster and faster tempo. They will also learn about whole steps, half steps, and major and minor modes.

"Give Me Oil in My Lamp"

July 1, 2020

Music lesson: the mechanics of singing

"Give Me Oil in My Lamp" is a happy song about what fills us up and keeps us shining, keeps us singing. Today's music lesson is learning about how we sing, how our vocal chords work, and Kristin invites kids to make percussion sounds as they sing.

"This Little Light of Mine"

June 24, 2020

Music lesson: difference between rhythm and tempo

"This Little Light of Mine" by Harry Dixon Loes is a fun song that kids love to sing! Kristin teaches the difference between "rhythm" (quarter notes and half notes) and "tempo" (fast or slow) and invites kids to clap or make some percussion sound as they sing along.

"Arky, Arky"

June 17, 2020

"Arky, Arky" is a super fun song about the Old Testament Story of Noah and the Ark, and how God’s love was at work for the animals and humankind. Kristin teaches the chorus with fun hand motions, and invites kids to join in singing the chorus after each verse.

"Go Now in Peace"

June 10, 2020

This week's song, "Go Now in Peace" by Natalie Sleeth, is a blessing of peace, a shalom.

"We Are the Church"

June 3, 2020

Music lesson: eighth notes, quarter notes, and half notes

Each week, Kristin Young, Director of Worship & the Arts at St. Mark's, teaches kids a new song about faith. Each lesson also includes music education. This week, she introduces the song "We Are the Church," with rhythm patterns (eighth notes, quarter notes, and half notes), plus hand motions.