• CongregationAL support ministries

    One of St. Mark's biggest priorities is care. We believe all forms of care are vital, and we have them together under the same umbrella so we are all on the same team. Congregational Support Ministries includes:

    WeCare, Prayer Chain, Care Team, MealTrain, BeFriender, Deacon, Funeral Ministry, Hospitality, Card Ministry. If you are interested in being a part of one of these important care and support ministries, or if you would like more information about what care looks like at the church, contact Pr. Patrick.

    Dear Friends of St. Mark's,

    In response to the pandemic, St. Mark's wants to be a refuge and source of strength. We have created a new ministry called “We Care” to lift up and support our members. We Care will allow us to respond quickly to the needs of our brothers and sisters.

    The We Care volunteers can provide three types of service:

    If you would like a daily phone call to chat and socialize, we will match you with a volunteer.

    If you want to be prayed for or with, volunteers are ready to kneel on your behalf. This can be done together over the phone, or volunteers will pray for you in their home. We hope knowing you are being held in prayer will provide you with peace and comfort.

    If you are unable to get out to a store for something you need, volunteers will do shop for you and drop things off.

    If you have a request or know of someone who could benefit from this ministry, please let us know, either via email or phone:

    Email WeCare@stmarksaurora.net

    Call the church office, 630-897-6891, and leave a message

    Our We Care ministry team of 30 people is available to respond to St. Mark's members needs.

    Let us walk together with you during this trying time. Remember: You do not walk alone.

    Michelle Leedham and Becky Mueller,

    on behalf of the Health & Wellness Ministry