2019 commitments

We invite you to make a financial commitment to St. Mark's for 2019 by filling out a commitment form in our secure "Give" section. There is also an option to set up an automatic transfer of funds directly from your bank account, to simplify the process. Thank you for your commitment to join with us in sharing Christ's abundant love with each other and the world.

Click here to open the 2019 commitment form.

Ways of giving

There are numerous ways to give in order to show your love. From wrapped gifts to flowers to gift cards, there are endless possibilities to show you care. The same is true with giving to the church. St. Mark's has multiple gift-giving options for you to convey your care and love for the world God so loves.

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ELCA Mission Support

As members of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), we generously and boldly participate in God's work in the world. We give a portion of our offering to our ELCA synod for ministry worldwide. Our Mission Support gifts provide staff and resources for new church growth, help alleviate hunger and poverty, work for justice, and so much more.

Click here to find out how Mission Support offerings are used.


Why is an annual commitment important?

We believe that God is a God of abundance who calls us to live generously--in sharing and caring, in serving and giving. It is our faithful giving that makes St. Mark's mission and ministry possible. Receiving annual commitments is critical as we develop our vision for how we join in God's work to serve the congregation and community in the year ahead. 

How much should I plan to give?

Making a financial commitment to St. Mark's is a personal, spiritual decision that we hope you make with great thought and prayer. Life circumstances vary for each person, and we encourage you to plan your financial gifts as your means allow. Remember that giving doesn't just entail finances. If you find yourself wanting to give more but don't have the means to do so, consider giving your time and talent. We appreciate whatever decision you make in how you give.

what is proportionate giving?

If you make an annual commitment to St. Mark's, you may want to consider an incremental increase. If your goal is to tithe (10%), proportionate giving increases allows you to move forward gradually each year. 

Click here to see a sample  proportional giving chart.

can I give in ways other  than cash or checks?

Yes! You can set up automatic, recurring transactions from your bank account. You can do credit card giving through our website. There are also many other options to consider, such as stock transfers, QCDs, will and estate planning, etc.

Click here to see alternative Ways of Giving to  St. Mark's.