Year in Review

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Catch an inspiring view of the energy, faith, and love at Sr. Mark's! It has been a momentous year:

  • We said “goodbye” to our beloved pastor of 20+ years, Pastor Pat Geiseman. We said “hello” to our friend and Interim Pastor, Pastor Paul Olson, plus many new members. 
  • We continued creating new ministries, including a small group for parents of teenagers, a small group for parents of young children, and an updated nursery program. 
  • We expanded our involvement with the community, especially with the McCleery School and The Neighbor Project. We presented music concerts for and with the community, We marched in the Aurora Pride Parade. 
  • We offered classes in Yoga, Functional Fitness, Financial Peace, and English Language Acquisition. 
  • We focused on the refugee crisis and world hunger. 

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View our Annual Report

2019: A Year of Transitions Built on Decades of Dedication

The St. Mark’s Annual Report is WAY more than a laundry list of activities or a collection of statistic! 

The pages tell an unfolding story of the impact our ministry had on members of the church, on the community, and around the globe. 

The images and impact statements convey how we put our 5 Vision Priorities into action this year:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Strengthen relationships and build community
  • Be a community leader
  • Engage youth and their families
  • Care for the poor and marginalized

The pictures and stories reveal ways we believe that God is alive and active in and through this church.

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