"Three Sides" podcast

“Three Sides” is a monthly podcast featuring stories from the ELCA. As a church that believes God is calling us into the world together, Three Sides presents diverse voices with many unique expressions from congregations and global companions working to build up Christ’s church around the world. Click here to listen.

"Sermon Brainwave" podcast

Ever wonder where our pastors get their ideas for sermons? One of the resources both Pr. Pat and Pr. Patrick use is WorkingPreacher.org, which is dedicated to helping people (pastors and congregants) engage the Lectionary texts. Each week, three ELCA professors (Rolf Jacobson, Karoline Lewis, and Matt Skinner) come together on “Sermon Brainwave,” to discuss the upcoming Scripture passages. If you are interested in hearing different perspectives on the assigned Lectionary texts, consider listening to this podcast. It is very helpful in bringing Old Testament and New Testament passages to life. Click here to listen.