• Faith@Home

    September 13 - November 22, 2020

    For the Fall of 2020, St. Mark’s is offering a virtual faith formation program for kids age 3 through grade 5. Each week on Sunday mornings, we’ll post a video and PDF lesson that families can do with their children at a time of their choosing. It’s flexible! All families will also receive a hard copy of the lessons in a faith@home binder with some of the needed supplies included.

    The interactive lessons follow the Narrative Lectionary, which is the chronological reading of the Scripture stories we are also using in our weekly worship this year. Each week, a St. Mark’s staff member or volunteer will walk through the lesson with your kids. Each lesson PDF includes a list of supplies and step-by-instructions, and each week follows this format:

    • Introduction
    • Learning the Story
    • Activities (2-3)
    • Prayer

    We hope you and your children enjoy this easy-to-use program! If you have questions, please contact Kari Reiseck, Director of Youth and Family Ministries.

    CHECK THE PLAYLIST: There is a complete playlist on YouTube of all the faith@home lessons to make it easier to play this series on a TV. Visit the faith@home playlist and let your kids choose which song they want to sing!


"Joseph and His Brothers"

September 27, 2020

Genesis 37

This week we learn about Joseph. 

Joseph's brothers hurt him, but he forgave them. 

God can take the bad things humans do and use them for good.

Watch the Saddleback Kids' video about "Joseph and His Coat" (either here or on our YouTube playlist).

Then try some of the fun activities in your faith@home binder with your family! 

There's wax paper included in your binder to make the Many-Colored Dream Wheel. 

Post pictures of your finished project on the St. Mark's Family Group on Facebook.

Click here to open the "Joseph and His Brothers" lesson.


"God's Promise to Abram"

September 20, 2020

Genesis 15:1-6

This week, we will learn a lesson about how

God cares for us as communities, families, and individuals. 

We will learn how God followed through on a promise to Abram. 

This week's teacher is Sarah Anderson.

Click here to open the "God's Promise to Abram" lesson.


"Creation and Fall"

September 13, 2020

Genesis 2:4b-7, 15-17; 3:1-8

This week we'll learn about God's creation

and what humans did with what God gave them.

We'll plant some bean seeds together and learn that God loves us

even when we make wrong choices.

This week's teacher is Kari Reiseck.

Click here to open the "Creation and Fall" lesson.