We give because we are grateful.

We give to make the church possible.

We give to care for our neighbors.


    Giving to the General Fund supports God's work at St. Mark's. When we give to God together, we can do more than we ever could alone. We believe God is active here and in the community we serve.

    Click to give to the GENERAL FUND.


    The Capital Campaign is a three-year plan to reduce our mortgage debt so we can increase our ministry opportunities. 10% of all monies given to the Capital Campaign are used for community outreach.

    Click to make a CAPITAL CAMPAIGN gift.

  • FATHER's day offering

    We are donating our Fathers's Day gifts to ELCA's irrigation canal projects. These canals ensure that, even in the most challenging seasons, crops can grow and there is enough food.

    Click to give to IRRIGATION CANALS.

  • Lutheran Disaster Response

    When lives are disrupted by disasters in the United States and around the world, Lutheran Disaster Relief brings God's hope and healing. Long after the headlines change, they stay to provide ongoing assistance to those in need.

    Click to donate to DISASTER RESPONSE.

  • Lutheran Immigration & Refugee SERVICES (LIRS)

    LIRS helps children separated from their families at the border, providing short-term and long-term foster care. They work with trauma-informed partners who are uniquely equipped to support these children and work toward reunification.

    Click to donate to LIRS.


    A Memorial Gift is a lasting way to express  sympathy or pay tribute when a loved one dies. Many people also find it meaningful to make an Endowment Gift in memory of a loved one, or in thanksgiving for births, baptisms, graduations, and other events. 

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