Sermon by Pastor Patricia Geiseman

March 17-18, 2018

Jeremiah 31:31-34

When we bought our house almost 20 years ago, the inspector told us that the people who built it made good decisions. Many things about the house, which are not noticeable on the surface, such as wiring and plumbing, were well done. No short cuts were taken. Well, that was good to know! But, on the surface, there were things that I needed to change right away. There was a lot of pink!


One of the first decorative changes was the pink heart border in the kitchen. That had to go! Instead, I felt inspired to stencil herbs all along the top of the cabinets where the hearts had been. The herbs matched the herbs on some of the tiles below. It took a lot of attention to detail and hours of reaching to get those herbs up there. I wondered how Michelangelo did it? For a long time I enjoyed the peaceful plants as I remembered all of my work!


But as the years rolled on, I grew tired of those herbs. They seemed pale and uninteresting. So, not long ago, I covered them up with bold, dark cavern-gray paint. It looks much better! And I covered the herbed tiles with bright colors of patterned appliques from Mexico. There is a whole new vibe. And it wasn’t that hard!


There are times we need a change. But not all change is easy; not all change is welcomed.


The prophet Jeremiah brought challenge to people who lived six-hundred years before Jesus. Jeremiah called for a change of direction, a change of heart. And after his pleading and pushing, he offered an astonishing word of hope.




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