"Finding Our Way"

Sermon by Pastor Patrick Fish

Way of Abundance 2

October 13-14, 2018

Job 23:1-9, 16-17

Mark 10:17-31

Growing up, I always wanted a pick-up truck. My first car was a Crown Victoria. Maroon. V8. That car could move. I gave it a little flair. Had me a flame steering wheel cover and fuzzy dice. True story. Rocked that for a few years.


When that car died, I drove my parents’ mini-van. Senior year of high school and my first two years of college. Chicks dug the mini-van. Actually, Kate and my first date, I picked her up in the Town and Country mini-van.


The summer between graduating college and heading to seminary, my parents wanted to do something big for me. So, my dad took me to the Ford dealership. I was so excited. I was finally going to get my truck.


We walk up to the car salesman, and my mouth is watering. Then my dad says, “Show us all your Ford Rangers.”


I give my dad the look.


And he says, “Pat, I’m not buying you a huge truck. They waste gas. You aren’t on a farm or carrying heavy machinery. The Ranger is affordable, gas efficient, and sensible for a guy whose heaviest thing he carries are books.”


Makes sense. I was grateful to just get a new set of wheels that weren’t the mini-van. And we settled on a ’09 Ranger. Off I headed to Minnesota for seminary.


Let me tell you, trucks without 4-wheel drive are not good in snow. And it snows a lot in Minnesota. My Ranger did not do well in Minnesota. I must have complained a million times. I want the new truck. The big truck. The truck with more features. New, bigger, more.


This is our society’s mentality. We have to have the new thing. The bigger thing. We need more. Once we get something, it’s on to the next thing. Thing, thing, thing.

A funny aside: My dad finally was got so fed up with my complaining and ungratefulness that he and I switched cars. I got his Subaru Outback with 4-wheel drive, and he got the Ranger. Now, I miss the Ranger. I miss my “baby truck,” as my wife used to call it.


Right? We can’t be happy. We are constantly measuring ourselves by what we don’t have rather than being mindful and grateful by what we do have in the present.


We focus on what we lack rather than our abundance. Focus more on possessions than possibilities and God’s promises.


We live in fear of not having enough—or being enough—rather than living firmly, knowing we are enough and always will have enough. 



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