"The Counter-Procession that Changes Everything"

Sermon by Pastor Patrick Fish

Passion Weekend

April 13-14, 2019

Luke 19:28-40

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week. A week full of heavy emotions, tension, and anticipation. A week that reveals humanity’s diverse and also real responses to Christ: faith, adoration, and trust, as well as betrayal, violence, and denial.

We enter today and this week not taking Jesus’ procession casually or lightly. We do so with eyes open. Ears open. Hearts open. To hear again the passion and let the drama unfold.

We pause to reflect on Jesus’ knowing full well that his final week of earthly mission begins.

Right off the bat, we recognize that, despite humanity’s hardness of heart and falling victim to mob mentality, Jesus remains true. From the beginning to his entry into Jerusalem, Jesus follows God’s will. He is unwavering.

And in doing so, reveals to us a different Kingdom than this one. A different way of living. A person in which we can place our hope and our faith.

The one constant of this week, of today, is Christ’s will to love and to save. 

In Luke, it was all the way back in chapter 9 when Jesus set his face to Jerusalem. And throughout his journey, he has taught, healed, loved, and shown God’s mercy.

And along the journey, he has been warned: “Turn back. Don’t continue on. Do you know what they will do to you if you keep speaking the way you are? Including people the way you are? I mean, welcoming and eating with sinners, Jesus! Stop this affirming and loving of the marginalized. The powers of this world won’t take kindly to this change of the status quo. It doesn’t go with the imperial, empire thinking and way of doing things.”



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