"A Year of Transitions

Built on Decades of Dedication"

Annual report for 2019

Some of this year’s transitions were difficult: We said farewell and Godspeed to our Senior Pastor, Pr. Patricia Geiseman, when she retired in June. Yet other transitions were life-giving and joyful. Pr. Olson returned and joined as our Interim Senior Pastor. We hired two people to develop our  Nursery Ministry. We created GraceRoad Ministry, a group for parents of junior high and high school students. We started PT2, a young child and young parent small group. 

It was also a year of tremendous growth. We strengthened and nurtured existing ministries, such as The Neighbor Project. We walked in the Aurora Pride Parade to show our neighbors we mean it when we say, “All are welcome.” Each of the 600 students at McCleery Elementary School received a new book because of our partnership. Over 100 students, 60 of whom were from the community, participated in this summer’s “Who is My Neighbor” VBS and learned that all people are our neighbors.

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